RACV Assembly

Tomorrow, Monday 28 November, the RACV Students are hosting the assembly.

The students can bring their Presentation tops to school to wear during their assembly.

We will have some of the vehicles on display and a slide show playing of some of the photo’s we have of the event.

If you have any photo’s of the Maryborough event and are happy to share them, can you please send them to school on a USB or CD so we can put them on the network.

Thank you

Awards & Presentation Dinner

Thank you for such an amazing week/end and event. It has been such a privilege to work with a great group of kids and to experience a great event with the support of you all.

We trust you enjoyed the event, had a safe trip home and enjoyed a nice hot shower.

Just a couple of practical things….

1. If you have any photos from the event you are willing/able to share with us could you please send them along on a USB so that i can collate them all ASAP.

2. Lost Property and loaned items- we will attempt to get things unpacked as quickly as possible and will gather any lost property in Claire’s old room. We will also collect all the loaned items such as eskies, fridges, marquee’s etc… for return. If you know that something is missing please ask your child to check the lost property as it is collected and also let us know if you are waiting for something.

3. CELEBRATION EVENT: A celebration event is planned for the 1st week in December but we have changed the date due to the Brentwood Information evening on Mon 5th. It is now to be held on Tue 6th Dec, 6pm-8pm. We recognise it is a busy time of year and we apologise if this is not a good date for you. Further details to come but the night will be at Mulgrave Country Club and will include some speeches and presentations and light dinner. Our thought is to have some finger food and drinks at bar prices at a small cost per person ($10ish pp- excluding RACV students who are free). (The other option is bistro meals at $20+)

Could you please by Thursday indicate availability and number of possible attendees by completing the survey via the link below


Awards survey

Presentation Timetable

Below is a timetable for next week for each teams presentation practice.


Recess Lunch
Monday Lightning Vanquish
Shazzam Thunder
Tuesday Insane Lightning
Vanquish Thunder
Wednesday Thunder Shazzam
Insane Lightning
Thursday Lightning Vanquish
Insane Shazzam
Friday Thunder Shazzam
Vanquish Insane

Thank you Sponsors!

With only 2 weeks to go, we at JPPS Racing would like to say a massive thank you to all our sponsors and supporters.

Welcome on board Stratton Financial as a new Gold Sponsor.

You can check out our Sponsors page for more details but thanks to…

Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors
JPPS Parents Association Waverley RSL Crosier Scott Architects
Mulgrave Country Club RHS Sports SLA Constructions
Barware Bayside Chiropractor JSP Chartered Accountants
Way Family Stratton Financial Brown Family
Waverley Smile Clinic

Thank you also to all our wonderful parents who have been so supportive and run around after their children to training and events all year and been our greatest supporters. We hope you get as much enjoyment as we do watching your children have such a wonderful and amazing experience.


Week 3 Homework

Homework for this week

Answer the following questions and email to Mr Zach at jppsracing@gmail.com

  • What are the aims and values of the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge?
  • Why is health and nutrition an important aspect of the program?
  • Apart from fitness training, discuss the 10 elements of vehicle handling we have implemented to ensure your safety in the trike. (HPV Only)
  • Describe all the safety components involved in push cart racing. (Push Cart and Rider equipment) (Push Cart Only)
  • Identify 5 modifications that have been made to any of the HPV’s to improve comfort or handling. Discuss the success of each modification. (HPV Only)

Homework is due by Friday 16 September (Last Day of School).