Bendigo 2016

Check out the ‘Gallery‘ page for more photos.

Bendigo 2016- a riders perspective

Vehicles speed past, feelings of horror and excitement ring around the track. Racers of all shapes and sizes ready to race in their carts. Fighting for top spot, 89 cars this
is going to be a great race.

On the 20th of August 2016, 30 JPPS students and a couple of teachers and parents travelled down to Bendigo. They were going to compete in a HPV event. We had a pit walk first so that we could get to know the track, we all knew that the hill we walked up was going to be hard.

Afterwards, at 1:00pm the race started. Rider after rider went in the car and came out tired but excited. The 1.1 kilometre track was a great track to race on for our first real race. Insane Bolts, Shazam and Vanquish were all doing great, they were all in the top ten.

Then the last half hour came along. Angus G in Shazam went in alongside Cy in Insane Bolts and James in Vanquish. Shazam just needed to try and stay in the top ten. After a little while Angus G pulled his calf and so a completely exhausted Tom went in to finish the race off for Shazam, but the dilemmas didn’t finish there for Shazam.

Tom came into pits with 10 minutes left and so Charlotte G got ready in a rush to go in the car. Well, the dilemmas DID stop there and Charlotte, Cy and James finished off the race with style!

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 we yelled and the race was over. We were very proud of our results 2nd for Vanquish, 3rd for Insane Bolts and luckily Shazam maintained their position and came 9th.

Some people stayed for the presentation and Maiden Gully Primary School with Miss Janey won our category and Vanquish came second so we received a $50 Coles express card for our achievement. We will meet up with Maiden Gully PS in Maryborough so we have to try to beat them there.

~Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped out. We couldn’t of done it without you.~


Homework Time

Bendigo came and went and now the hard work really starts. Not only do the kids now have a much greater understanding of racing, hopefully some of them have had their crashes and come out the other side feeling more confident.

Out of bike preparation

There is a lot to do outside of the bike as well as we continue to prepare for Maryborough. Work will begin in the coming weeks on presentations and to help prepare, some small homework tasks will be completed over the next 4 weeks.

This weeks task is to write a ‘Newspaper’ style report/recount of the Bendigo event, This can be based on your own experience and ride or a report of the event from a Jells Park perspective or of the event in general.

You need to submit this written task on the wiki titled week 1 homework- Bendigo report

Then click on the ‘Discussion’ tab. The title is your name and then type your report.

Post Bendigo Update & Homework Expectations

Lots happening following our Bendigo event.

  1. Results are loaded on the ‘Results’ page. Click on Bendigo 2016
  2. Homework is coming. Check out the Wiki pages (on the left below the forum) for homework tasks and details for uploading it
  3. Check out the ‘Gallery’ page later in the week for all our photos of the event (Thanks Helen Gribi)
  4. Keep an eye on the calendar as there are some important dates coming up including training details, written test (repeating the previous test again), homework expectations and meetings.
  5. The ‘forum’ on the website, is a great place for riders to raise and discuss issues related to the vehicles design and construction, comfort or performance.

Thanks for all your assistance at Bendigo and well done riders, you did a great job!!!!!!!

Bendigo HPV Event

Our first HPV event this year is the Bendigo HPV Grand Prix held on Saturday 20 August from 1:00pm – 10:00 pm.

Please visit the following website for information on the event. Bendigo HPV Grand Prix

Check out the JPPS Racing Facebook page to check out a video of the track.

This will be a 9 hour event and will be the students first race experience.

Parents will need to organise transport and accommodation in Bendigo if required for this event.

If you have any questions about the event, please comment below or email on

(check out a video of the Bendigo track)