Website updated

The website has finally had its update….

Check out the Gallery page for Bendigo photos

The Energy Breakthrough page for all the information about the Energy Breakthrough and a link to the Energy Breakthrough website

Or the design and construction forum’s where riders are encouraged to post questions, design suggestions or performance reviews in order to make improvements to the performance of the vehicles. There is one forum each for Shazzam, Vanquish and Pushcarts.

Dont forget to sign up for Sunday trainings over the next 5 weeks and also keep an eye out for more information about our trial ‘race’ in the 2nd week of the holidays (Thurs 4/10).

The dates for each student are outlined in the following table:

Vanquish Shazzam
Group 1



       Jett        Kai
       Max     Josh W
      Jazzy         Ed
      Olivia     Jess W
     Jess G     Selena
Group 2     Hayden       Mitch



    Callum      Connor
       Mia      Shelby
     Kira G      Aisha

Meanwhile training will continue on Tuesday lunchtimes along with Thursday after school for HPV teams and Tuesday before school for pushcart teams.


New HPV team

Exciting times at JPPS racing with the purchasing of our 3rd vehicle for this years team. This trike will be built by MR RECUMBENT TRIKES. Thank you to Mulgrave Country Club and the Jells Park PS Parents Committee for assisting us with this purchase.

The following is an excerpt from the MR Recumbent Facebook site reporting on the recent Wonthaggi 24 hour race, outlining the benefits of the style of trike in question.

“We didn’t have any rollovers which is pretty well unheard of for a winning trike.!!! Actually hardly any marks on the fairing either as the spaceframe has such a low seat height (75mm-its a finger width above the floor of the fairing) that changing line to avoid crashes mid corner is not such a big problem and really helps keep accidents to a minimum.Its also incredibly stiff so the riders are really well protected and no frame flex means all the riders effort goes directly into accelerating the trike.
The TRUBLU spaceframe/Nighthawk won the race by 10 laps from 2nd place Toothless (Toothless is no slouch in the speed department either as they use John Taylors bullet fairings which are the fastest composites around ).The TRUBLU spaceframe/Nighthawk made the fastest lap in the race too .”

We are still after sponsors to ensure the team runs successfully. Imagine your companies name or logo proudly emblazoned over this trike. (our outer casing is yet to be designed)

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