Pre Race Team Photos

The pre-race photos always make it very real. Final preparations of the vehicles are done and they have come up a treat. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to another successful year at JP Racing particularly our sponsors

Mulgrave Country Club

Waverley Meadows Netball Club

AAV Tiling

CGB Precision products

Coach Approach

Prime Exposure

Thanks also to Brad Howe and Andrew Fellows for all your technical prowess and hours of work you have put into the various vehicles.

Jam packed last couple of days ahead finalising presentations and then packing our umbrellas?? which we’re not used to at Maryborough. See you at the race!!!

Getting to know the vehicles

We are going to be offering ‘Getting to know the vehicle’ sessions before school on a Thursday each week. These sessions will run from 8:00 am – 8:30 am.
These sessions are not compulsory. The students will have the opportunity to try each of the vehicles and learn some of the features and how they work.
Students will need to bring their helmets to these sessions if they wish to have a ride around the oval.

Study Information

Hand Books
The handbooks contain vital information every student should know. The following is a guide as to some of the most important information from the handbooks.

Information to focus on includes

  • Dates of the challenge
  • The aims of the program
  • Safety features of your vehicle
  • Safety features of the rider/pusher
  • Classes our teams will be entered in
  • RACV Program Sponsors
  • Explaining the different areas of the program
  • Maximum and minimum riders
  • Percentage breakdown of scores
  • Vehicle handling and training
  • Race durations

The first written test will happen in the first couple of weeks of Term 2.

Bendigo Event Homework

Bendigo came and went and now the hard work really starts. Not only do the kids now have a much greater understanding of racing, hopefully some of them have had their crashes and come out the other side unscathed.


This weeks task is to write a ‘Newspaper’ style report/recount of the Bendigo event, This can be based on your own experience and ride or a report of the event from a Jells Park perspective or of the event in general.

You need to submit this written task on the wiki titled 2017 Bendigo Race Report

Then click on the ‘Discussion’ tab. The title is your name and then type your report.

HPV Homework

With our first race less than 2 weeks away, we are making the final changes to our vehicles. Many other black vehicles will be on the track so we wish to personalise our two so we can recognise them when we fly down the home straight.

By Monday next week, each team member is to create a sticker design for the front of their teams vehicle.

I will be getting some Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black sticker material that can be used.

Students can create any design, as long as we can cut it out and they use the above colours.

Designs may include:

Diagonal lines of varying widths, Circles, waves etc.

Designs need to be handed in by next Monday 14/8 so we can decide on which one to use.