Welcome to 2017

(As per Mr Zach’s email…..)

Welcome to this years’ RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge. It was fantastic to have so many interested students wanting to participate in the program. It is going to make the selection of teams very difficult. 26 boys and 18 girls have nominated to be racing competitors in the program, along with 2 male support crew. With such a larger gender imbalance, I have asked permission from the organisers to enter an all boy push cart team. They have allowed this which is fantastic news, Although this team will be ineligible to win any prizes if they come first. This means, that at this stage, ALL students will participate and come away to Maryborough in November. YAY!!!!!! In saying that, If you are planning to come along and support in Maryborough, I recommend you get onto organising your accommodation as soon as possible. I will require around 8 parent helpers to camp with us at the event. A notice will go out for this later next term.
We have a large number of boys interested in the HPV program. This means many of them will be disappointed when the teams are selected toward the end of Term 2. We have a very detailed selection process which takes into account all aspects of the program, as well as their effort, behaviour and responsibilities at school. This is an extra curricular activity, so their effort in all curriculum areas will also be considered. Once the HPV students have been selected, we then look at placing the rest of the students into the three push cart teams.
HPV Program

The HPV program will initially involve 5 boys and 5 girls per team. These students will train in the vehicles and race in Bendigo (August) and Casey Fields (October). After these two events, we will then select the best 4 Boys and 4 Girls for each team for the Maryborough event. The remaining students will become members of one of the push cart teams. They will also be emergency HPV riders for the Maryborough event. I know this can be a very tough situation for students and parents and it is always very tough on us teachers as well. We have found this to be the best way of selection and the students have been made aware of this.
Fitness Training

Your child has already completed the Beep test and 30 minute run at school and should now be recording extra fitness training at home in their log books. We have made a decision about the log books that involve many children who carry out many training sessions (eg. Soccer, football, Basketball) throughout the week. We would like the students to record them in their log books and also record the time the training went for. Please Do Not record the distance travelled. This will not be included in their total distance travelled, but will show us the amount of fitness training they are doing in a week.

If there are any questions you would like answered about the program, please come and see me or email. jppsracing@gmail.com


Thank you Sponsors!

With only 2 weeks to go, we at JPPS Racing would like to say a massive thank you to all our sponsors and supporters.

Welcome on board Stratton Financial as a new Gold Sponsor.

You can check out our Sponsors page for more details but thanks to…

Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors
JPPS Parents Association Waverley RSL Crosier Scott Architects
Mulgrave Country Club RHS Sports SLA Constructions
Barware Bayside Chiropractor JSP Chartered Accountants
Way Family Stratton Financial Brown Family
Waverley Smile Clinic

Thank you also to all our wonderful parents who have been so supportive and run around after their children to training and events all year and been our greatest supporters. We hope you get as much enjoyment as we do watching your children have such a wonderful and amazing experience.


HPV Registration is complete

Today was rego day for the HPV teams for the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge, so despite his fatherly duties, Mr Zach was online bright and early this morning and registered the 3 HPV teams. Its an exciting time as we prepare to add a new team, but there is a lot of work to be done to get us there. Fitness testing continues this Thursday morning at 8am in the gym as we undertake the beep test. Hopefully the personal training is underway now and the log books are being filled in.

Sponsor packs are on their way for those who said you might be able to help with sponsors, or you can access them via Melissa McLeod at school.

We have an urgent need to access a spray painter/signwriter to assist us with a sponsorship package or good deal to help with painting the JPPS RACING trailer. If you can help please let Melissa know via the school 9560 6494.


JPPS Racing relies on fundraising and sponsors to support and grow the program and maintain the vehicles or buy new ones. If you, or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring JPPS Racing and supporting this dynamic program which is engaging children in their learning and building health and fitness along with teamwork, commitment and resilience, then please visit our sponsor page or download the JPPS Racing sponsor pack.