Post Bendigo Update & Homework Expectations

Lots happening following our Bendigo event.

  1. Results are loaded on the ‘Results’ page. Click on Bendigo 2016
  2. Homework is coming. Check out the Wiki pages (on the left below the forum) for homework tasks and details for uploading it
  3. Check out the ‘Gallery’ page later in the week for all our photos of the event (Thanks Helen Gribi)
  4. Keep an eye on the calendar as there are some important dates coming up including training details, written test (repeating the previous test again), homework expectations and meetings.
  5. The ‘forum’ on the website, is a great place for riders to raise and discuss issues related to the vehicles design and construction, comfort or performance.

Thanks for all your assistance at Bendigo and well done riders, you did a great job!!!!!!!

Crunch Time

Welcome to Crunch Time!

This week is a big week in the RACV journey. A reminder that there are 3 different ‘tests’ taking place this week.

Mon 23 May:    Beep Test at recess in the Gym   (THERE IS NO LUNCH TIME TRAINING)

Wed 25 May:   Written test in Mr Zach & Mrs De Villiers rooms (same test as last time- make sure you’re studying the right things!!!)

Thur 26 May:   30 minute run before school                                                                                              (starts at 8am on the dot!!! warm up with Mr Small at 7:55am)

If students are unable to attend any of these tests it is there responsibility to notify Mr Zach or Mr Jenkins to arrange for an alternative time.

The information to be studied for the written test is all contained in the RACV handbooks which should have already been downloaded or can be accessed via this website on the RACV page.

Good Luck everyone!! Give it your BEST shot

18th April

Its an important week approaching! (Mon 18th April)

On Monday, lunch time training sessions begin in the gym with formal circuit training run be Mel Cheney.

Then on Wednesday, the first of the written tests will be held. These are all important components to determining who makes the teams and which teams. It is also important for students to understand the technical components of the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge.

Another log book check will take place the following week, to check in and see how students are going with their personal training. Remember with the log books that students can only include training or exercise that they can measure (e.g.. a dance lesson can’t be measured in km, just like a game of football). Students also need to HALVE any kilometres they do on the bike.

2016 RACV Handbook

The 2016 Handbook for the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge is now on the website. You can download by clicking on the link below or check out the RACV page on the main menu. The Handbook is a crucial study book for students and will provide the information on which the written test is based. It will also be available on the student server at school.