Forum Page and Poll

The 2017 forum page is now open….

This page is designed for students to ask questions and make design and construction suggestions. We want to know everything about the vehicles especially things that you think might be able to be improved. Comfort, seating, noise, brakes, water bottles, walkie talkies, pedaling, vision, horn, safety, gears! Any topic can be included. Chances are if you’re thinking it, someone else may be too and besides you are the ones who are in the bike……

Check it out on the left hand side of the home page. Click on the link, give your topic a title that makes it obvious what it is about, then write a review, question, complaint, suggestion etc.. The design and construction portion of the event is crucial to the overall success and the more evidence we have of your input into vehicle improvements the better.

Whilst you’re here fill out the poll for the favourite vehicle….

After school Thursday training- STARTS TOMORROW 20/7/17

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On Thursday afternoons, it is our intention to run 2 training programs side by side. One is for the Pushcart teams and the other is for the HPV teams. Training will run immediately after school until 4:15pm (Pushcarts) and 4:30pm (HPV’s).

  • The Pushcart training is designed for fitness and skill development of pushing and steering the pushcarts through the variety of events they will be involved in. Students will need to ensure they have their bike helmet and something to eat for a snack after school and they will be picked up from the oval. If your child is required to walk home or go with another parent, can you please email Melissa Mcleod ( to inform her.
  • The HPV training is fitness and exercise based with some fun and teamwork built in. We run a series of different programs with a particular focus on improving cardio fitness levels and leg strength. It will include a range of different activities such as hill runs, physical games & relays, bootcamps and general running. On a few occasions we may try and also do a bike ride over to Jells Park (permission form to follow). As above students are to be picked up at the oval or notification of arrangements to Darren Jenkins (

Whilst we encourage all kids to participate in as much training as they can, we recognise that other commitments also exist and we don’t expect you to forego prior commitments. If your child is unable to attend either one specific week or permanently, or if you have further questions, please just shoot Darren or Melissa an email.


Thursday Trainings

After a couple of weeks of training at Casey Fields, the focus on fitness is becoming clearer. The kids are pushing themselves hard for 20 minutes which is great and now we have to build up strength and stamina to maintain the effort and speed for 30-50minutes.

Some slight changes to our training schedule this week as things start to ramp up even more. Only 3 1/2 weeks till Bendigo for the HPV teams, so we are introducing a new training session this Thursday after school. Whilst the Pushcarters will start this Thursday as well to get their hands on to the carts and start practicing and building up their strength.

Thurs 8amPush Cart training on the oval. All pushcarters are required with their helmet on an ongoing weekly basis

Thursday 3:40pm-4:15pm: Fitness Training for HPV teams. This will rotate around a range of different activities including some running, bike riding, bootcamp style and some hills training. This will happen every Thursday unless notified.

The calendar will also be updated to reflect these new dates and times.

If there are any issues with attendance at these times please contact us or keep us informed.

The Highlight of my Year

RACV was a great highlight for me when I was in grade 6. It was great because it boosted my confidence, fitness and working in a team. At first I had my heart set on doing push cart. Then one day I was asked to do HPV, I was very hesitant at first, but I changed my mind and, to this day, I do not regret that choice. It’s very hard work and requires a lot of dedication, but in the end all the hard work is definitely worth it.

There are lunch time commitments for both teams, such as working on presentations and then for HPV there was the spin bike lessons to improve on all areas of your body. As most of you probably know there are usually 3 races for the HPV teams with lead up races in Bendigo and Casey Fields, and the main RACV race in Maryborough. As a first time racer in Bendigo, getting into the cart and racing other carts is very nerve racking. However, after two laps your all over it, when you get out you can still feel all the adrenaline rushing through your body and you want to get back in!

There is lots of team support and the teachers are great, I felt I got to know everyone on a whole other level because of the amount of time we all spent together crammed into pits! Watching the crashes is fun, but being involved not so much. I didn’t fully crash but I did get pushed off the track and I was stuck and no one came to help. The good thing is that we have Walkie Talkies in the cart and I contacted pits then the help came and I was back on the track.

Working on the presentations is another killer, but you have to work super hard for the marks. If you’re in Shazzam (my awesome team) the bar has been set extremely high for you this year as my team received the award for best presentation last year (unfortunately I will not be sharing my secrets, sorry guys!)

So if you do chose to do RACV this year:….Make sure that you make the absolute most of it, work hard on your teamwork and last but not least…..Race hard guys!!

– Mia Froelich (Previous student, 2015)