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Due Thursday 24 August.

After our first race on the weekend, every student is to write a newspaper report of the day.

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  1. Bella

    On Saturday the 19th of August 2017, JPPS, HPV students arrived at Deborah Triangle, Bendigo. We entered 2 strong teams, Vanquish and Shazzam. All the students had to get organised for the race. As 1 o’clock in the afternoon hit excitement and nerves filled the tent. Our first racers were Josh in Shazzam and Kai in Vanquish.

    The race began with a practice lap for all the teams. All was going well at the start till Shazzam had its first small crash luckily no one was injured. Throughout the day Shazzam had the most crashes for our team and Vanquish had a few but not very bad ones. The track was approximately 1.1km which includes a steep hill and a sharp corner that they call CRASH CORNER, due to how many crashes there were.

    As the day went on each rider got their turn and was exhausted at the end. Our fastest rider was Pat with a whopping 1.57. Overall Vanquish came 4th and Shazzam came 16th! Well done everyone, you should be very proud!!! Can’t wait for Casey Fields!! Thank you to all the teachers for putting in their own time to train us!!
    Ignore my first one I had to edit it

  2. On Saturday 19th of August the Jells Park Human Powered Vehicle Team went down to Bendigo to compete in the Bendigo Grand Prix. We all arrived excited and nervous about the next 9 hours.

    Josh and Kai braved being the first riders for Vanquish and Shazzam. We all got around both of the boys as they headed over to the starting grid. We gave them a few words of good luck and before we new it the race had started. All the vehicles lined up behind the car for a rolling start. After all the vehicles had past crash corner everybody’s attention was on the who was going to be the first down the straight. The HPVs came barreling down with the open category leading the way followed by the Secondary schools and leading for the primary schools was Shazzam and followed by Vanquish. Shazzam unlucky rolled on the first corner which ironically was called Crash Corner but got back up and kept on going. Both teams had a great race. Vanquished finish coming 4th and Shazzam finished coming 16th with a good effort from everybody from both teams.

    But in conclusion on the behalf of everyone who attended this amazing race and we would like to thank all the teachers for helping us have such a great time and taking time out of there personal lives for us to participate in a great event

  3. Sofia:
    On Saturday August 19 Jells Park Primary participated in a spine chilling race in Bendigo called the “Bendigo HPV competition”.

    This event highlighted the significance that schools went through to learn what the HPV program is all about: the dangers of driving, the fitness required to compete, but most of all safety when in the vehicle.

    The students from JPPS rode in 2 separate vehicles, one called Shazzam and the other Vanquish. I was in team Shazzam but our team didn’t do very well in this event due to the many crashes which caused us to waste time repairing the HPV. Although it was a fun and entertaining experience, by the time it was my turn I had to ride in a HPV with no roof! Team Shazzam definitely showed great teamwork and kept going despite the setbacks. The track was insanely difficult for the riders. There was 400 meters of steep uphill and for me it was extra hard having to push a 50kg vehicle with my little legs!

    Vanquish did better and they didn’t crash as often and all the team did really well placing 5th!

    In general all the riders had great fun! For JPPS this was a practice event because in November they will be participating in another race of this kind but it will be the real deal!

    Thank you to all the teachers for organising this event and for helping us improve our fitness over the last weeks!

  4. On the 19th of August the JPPS HPV teams went to Bendigo to participate in our first race of the year. We had two strong teams entered, Vanquish and Shazam.

    Vanquish was our taller vehicle which consisted of Me, Mitch W, Kai, Ben, Dan, Zoe, Bella, Amber, Bridget and Emily. Shazam was our smaller vehicle which consisted of Josh C, Ryan, Mitch H, Bailey, Brody, Sofia, Madi, Porsha, Lara and Olivia.

    The race was 9 hours long and the track was 1.1km long.

    The race started at 1:00 with Kai and Josh starting us out. Each student got to ride for about 30 minutes.

    The track consists of a home straight which was 350m long, then a small hill towards a roundabout which was 228m long, then there was the hill which you really had to push hard up it was 240m, then there was a downhill onto the home straight which was 280m.

    The race consisted of many cars mostly HPV cars and there were a few EEV cars. All people of different ages raced, there were some adults and some grade fours.

    There were a few crashes which we were involved in, most were on crash corner. They happened because people were going too fast down the straight and spun out on the corner.

    The day was great and both teams did really well. My team Vanquish managed to finish 4th in our category and Shazam finished 16th, mainly because there was a lot of crashes.

    Overall it was a really fun day which could not have been accomplished without the teachers. I would like to thank especially Mr Zach and Mr Jenkins for all their hard work this year.

    I can’t wait until Casey.

  5. JC

    There were thrills and spills when HPVs and EEVs took to the roads at a town 200km from Melbourne called Bendigo.

    Jells Park Primary School’s Shazzam & Vanquish teams were in the middle of the action from the start, with Josh and Kai opening the Bendigo EEV HPV Grand Prix for the school.

    Parents and spectators didn’t have to wait long for the first crash of the day, when Josh took the first corner at never before seen speed and couldn’t handle his awesome pace, spinning out and tumbling over into the barrier.

    Although shaken, Josh was unhurt and soon back on his way as Kai continued to rack up some laps.

    Bailey took over from Josh’s heroic riding in Shazzam, while Mitch W was next behind the wheel in Vanquish.

    By the time the sun set a lot had happened. Madi had a spectacular crash, leaving Shazzam scarred and without a front windscreen. She was a little shaken but okay, nevertheless.

    There were a few other prangs and some minor injuries to some participants but the Jells Park teams continued to tally up the laps in the 9 hour session.

    Pat Warr, a Vanquish hero, got the the fastest lap in the primary school category, not once but twice in a row. He did two 1:57s one after another, an impressive individual achievement.

    Under the stars the challenge became even greater, the darkness making it harder to see around the track. Both teams did themselves proud, finishing the Grand Prix at 10:30pm.

    Vanquish finished 4th in the primary category with a total of 167 laps and Shazzam came 16th with a total of 131 laps. Truely a great achievement for everyone to be proud of.

    By Josh C
    (This was not biased)

  6. On the 19th of August, 10 boys and 10 girls from Jells Park Primary School drove down to Bendigo for a race, this wasn’t just any race but the RACV challenge. Jells Park had two amazing and fast HPV’s (human powered vehicles) their names were Shazam and Vanquish. The race started at 1:00 to 10:00, the wonderful track was 1.1 kilometres.

    There was a 90* turn at the end of the straight and that was called crash corner, there were many crash with all different vehicles. We are here lucky enough to chat with one of the students who participated at the HPV in Bendigo, and here is Tracy Grimshaw to interview her.

    “Well I’m here with a girl who was a witness of the HPV Bendigo competition for JPPS and was in a slight crash which will be mentioned later on but let’s hear from you Madi”. So I’m Madi and I will be talking to you about my experience in Bendigo. First of all I will start with the first drivers Josh for Shazam and Kai for Vanquish. They had a nervous start as it was ‘the start of the race’ and they had a great start. As we move on to the middle of the race there has been a few crashes one of them was mine, it was a shock at first but later on I went back in.

    As it started to settle down there was a horrid crash with a boy as he needed a ambulance, I heard from some people that his helmet was cracked open as I did not see it. Hopefully he is okay now. Our fastest rider Pat had a amazing time of 1.57 which is a wonderful achievement so well done to him. As it went to night time, the times got slower and it was very dark for the riders. Our last riders were hopped in the vehicles and pushed as hard as they could to finish the race in a good spot on the ladder.

    Over all Shazam came 16th which was an incredible effort and Vanquish came amazingly 4th which was also a great effort. Well done to everyone who participated in this incredible experience and GO JELLS!!!

    Thank you Madi for letting us interview you, now for sport ………….

  7. On a bright and surprisingly warm Winters day on Saturday the 19th of August, both of the Jells Park Primary School Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) teams went down to Golden Triangle in Bendigo for their first ever heartstopping race!

    For most it was an early morning start. Some people even waking up at 6-7am awaiting the painstakingly long three hour drive to their awaited destination! As people arrived one by one at the race track, Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins, Mr Small, Ms Dodd and Ms McLeod were greeting everyone with big smiles and set up both of our marquees. And a big thank you to the Rovers Football Club for lending us their marquee as it provided great cover!

    The first and most recent race of the three, including Casey Fields and the Maryborough track, Bendigo was not so much about our placings in the race, but it was more of a guidance as to where to slow down, how to clip your cleats in faster, get a good riding line and to be concentrating on your times and improving. All the while remebering that you’re not against anyone except yourself.

    When 1 o’clock finally rolled around, our two brave and couragous 11am riders from each team, Kai Van Syulen and Josh Curnow, got into their respected vehicles and started off with their practise lap. The first lap was like a breeze, and both the Shazzam team, and the Vanquish team were doing extremely well as they rolled down the home straight, towards the ironically named ‘Crash Corner.’ Crash Corner is know for its epic crashes and disasterous attempts of riders in a bit of a hurry, trying to rush around the corner. Kai passed the corner easily, gaining a great riding line. But as for Josh, the same cannot be said. Josh crashed around the corner but he courageously got back up and started up Shazzam again. After their jaw-dropping performances in the HPVS, the next riders hopped in the vehicles and started and finished their laps without a problem. That cycle kept on repeating until it was Brody Norman’s turn in Shazzam. Brody had a bit of trouble at Crash Corner as did Josh and it affected the Shazzam team greatly. Shazzam had dropped several spots as were finally gaining back their pace and slowly but steadily climbing back up, but that didn’t last long seeing we had Madison Bromley up next in Shazzam. She had a devestating crash around Crash Corner as did Josh and Brody, but her’s was much more severe. Madi had been doing quite well before she lost control around the corner. Madi was speeding down the home staright as well as many other vehicles. Open categories, high schoolers and the juniors catergories. She lost control, slammed into the barriers and went spinning into the middle of the road and as she went flying, another vehicle was coming down the home straight awaiting to turn, but Madi was still in their way. Not having enough time to react, the other vehicle ended up T-boning her and Madi and Shazzam ended up flipping. After being dragged off the course and taken to first aid, Madi and Shazzam were both thankfully in good condition.

    Shazzam’s roof had gone flying off and before we knew it, Mr Zach had already repaired it. Vanquish had a clear history as did Shazzam after a couple of hours until the unbelievable happened! Patrick Warr, a Vanquish rider, got the fastest time and it took everyone by surprise! It took him a whopping 1.57 seconds to finish a 1.1 kilometer track and everyone was dumbstruck!

    Vanquish had a clear crash history until Bridget Greenaway stepped foot in it! She was doing so well until she crashed but she kept on going anyways, Bridget being the strong rider she was kept on going as it wasn’t as severe as Madi’s crash, but regardless. A crash is a crash. It’s got to be pretty scary! Shazzam didn’t have anymore crashes after Madi, but teh same cannot be said for Vanquish. Emily Mclaren ended up crashing at the last bend just before the home straight but kept on going.

    All in all the even was extremely enjoyable and even thought the vehicles (ahem, Shazzam) were tattered and everyone was tired considering our last rider Ben Kirchner, finished off the team with an outstanding 10pm race! Vanquish ended up coming 4th place and Shazzam came 16th. That’s pretty astonishing after all of the horrendous crashes around Crash Corner! Too bad we weren’t in the top three, but we just missed out so don’t get your hopes down everyone! We’ll definitely redeem ourselves at Casey Fields!

    And once again, a giant thanks to all of the teachers, sponsors, students, parents and volunteers that offered to help us set up our marquees, equipment and give moral support. Everyone’s help was greatly appreciated and we hope you can make it to our next races at Casey Fields and Maryborough! Thank you everyone for your never ending support – Zoe Salatas – Team Vanquish 2017

  8. HPV Bendigo
    On Saturday August 19th 90 HPV and EEV’s went down to Bendigo for the first race of the year. It was a 9hour race on a 1.1km track it started with a rolling start and then the race was off like a bullet from a gun everyone raced for the best position they raced down the straight they went round crash corner and onto the hill as they pedalled as hard as they could to get up the hill I was waiting in pits for my turn. It came to my turn my heart was racing as I saw vanquish come into pits and I got into the vehicle and exited pits and went for the hill I did one lap then two then four. I was off I keep on going and after ten or so laps I came back into pits to hop out and let Bridget have her stint. Bridget went for one then two then five as she came back in the next person had their stint we were doing so well we were coming 4 out of 31. We got through 5 riders and it was Pat’s turn he did really well and got our best times of the day. Soon after it was night riding and everyone hap their lights on and were lit up so they were visible. After 1 more rider it was my turn my first night ride it was so fun but it was hard to see I got great time and I was really proud but after my last ride I had to leave for home.

    By Dank

  9. Ben K:

    Going almost maximum speed of 60km/hr and approaching crash corner, only joking, Mr Zach would never let us ride like that!

    Walking around the Bendigo HPV course on Saturday 19 August 2017 with Mr Jenkins and all the riders from Vanquish and Shazzam, each step I took my heart beat faster. There were so many turns and big hills that I wondered if I could really get through all my laps. It was still 2hrs before the race, and crowds of supporters, pit crew and vehicles were pouring in. Pit lane was filling up with tents with each tent having up to 30 people in it.

    Then it was time to get our first riders in their start position and Josh and Kai were ready! The butterflies in my tummy were telling me that my time was coming soon. The rolling start race began with over 70 vehicles storming down the main straight, with each vehicle ranging from primary school aged kids to adults.

    It was now my turn. Mum said I was as white as a ghost and looked like I was going to throw up, but I was so excited to race. Going down pit lane, past all the other teams, holding my horn down to get everyone clear, I was ready to get serious! My first lap was about getting familiar with the course and how hard and where I could push myself. Then I rode past the JPPS pit, but couldn’t take my hand off the steering stick to give the crew a thumbs up, as I was approaching “crash corner” at 45km/hr. I had to position myself for this hairy bend and slow down as I knew if I didn’t then I was going to be the next vehicle to roll, slide and CRASH! So I successfully survived my first corner and then my 30mins and was more ready than ever to keep racing.

    My second ride was at 9.30pm in total darkness until the marshals waved their flags to end the 9hr race. I wasn’t as nervous this time, but still had a small fear of crashing, as the Shazzam car was pretty smashed up. I was freezing cold as the temperature had dropped to 2 degrees, and I was extremely tired from being at the track for 12 hours, but I warmed up quickly once I was all strapped in Vanquish. Riding with lights was fun, but there were a few dark areas so I stayed close to other vehicles in those.

    A yellow flag was waved to say 1 more lap, so I pushed my legs as hard and fast as they could go. My first ever HPV racing experience was over and I can’t wait for the next event at Casey fields. For now it is lots of training and hard work so Vanquish can go even faster.

    Thank you so much to the 5 teachers who towed the trailers and helped and pushed up all the through the day and night. I had so much fun!

  10. On Saturday the 19th of August 2017, a large group of students and teachers travelled to our first HPV race at Deborah Triangle, in Bendigo. We were very excited to have two very strong teams, Vanquish and Shazzam.

    Upon arriving each of us looked for the Jells Park tent at the track. All the excitement and nerves around the tent was thrilling! Both teams were rushing around the two tents trying to find everything they needed to start the race.

    Mr Jenkins rounded us up and took us on a walk around the entire racetrack to understand the hills we would be riding up and the sharp bends we would need to be ready for.
    The HPV racing track was approximately 1.1km long.

    The vehicles got in line ready for the start of the race. Kai was chosen to start in Vanquish and Josh started in Shazzam. As the green light switched on the race began! Everyone was pedalling as hard as they could to keep their team in the top 10. There were so many fast riders in the race!Both our vehicles were pedalling as fast as they could but unfortunately as Shazzam came around the corner they call CRASH CORNER Josh flipped onto his side in a scary crash! The marshalls quickly put him back on the track, and being resilient he was able to just get back to racing! Shazzam had a couple more serious crashes and ended up losing half of the top of the vehicle. Vanquish only had two crashes, one in which I was involved where someone cut me of, crashing me into the barrier and flipping me onto my side.

    As the race progressed, teams became more tired and reckless. There were many crashes particularly at CRASH CORNER, with some quite serious, putting a few vehicles out of the race. Maddie had a really serious crash slamming into the barrier where two other HPV riders T-boned her. Shazzam got really badly damaged but thankfully Maddie was ok.
    The vehicle was taken back to pits and by the look of it we thought Shazzams racing day was over, but amazingly, Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins and Mr Small got to work and tapped it all back together. Although it looked a little different to how it looked at the start it was still ok to race again. Everyone was relieved to see it get back on the track and start racing again.

    All of a sudden there was a red flag which stopped the whole race half way through. Everyone was wondering what had happened. We got information that all the HPV’S had to come back to pits. At this moment we still didn’t know what happened, a little later on we were told that there was a horrible crash where someone had got concussed. Soon after the crash an ambulance came and took the boy to hospital, luckily the boy was ok in the end. Shortly after, the race started back up again. There were more crashes and more injuries as the day went on.

    As the night ride came closer and closer there were still some of the team that hadn’t raced yet! These team mates were all getting more and more nervous to get into both vehicles and do their part for the team. Thankfully there were no crashes towards the end of the night for us.

    At the end of the race both teams did really well! Over all Vanquish placed 4th and Shazzam placed 16th. As the day finished up everyone from both teams was extremely exhausted but so happy to have raced. Pat was able to get the fastest time out of both our teams and got an extremely impressive time which was 1.57minutes back to back laps.

    I hope everyone is very proud of themselves. I wish everyone good luck at Casey fields, since I will not be able to attend it unfortunately.
    Thank you to all the teachers for putting your own time and effort into each and everyone of us. I think we were very lucky to get so much support.

    Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity.
    I absolutely loved every minute!

    By Bridget.G

  11. Brody

    On Saturday 19th of August, the Jells Park PS HPV team went to Bendigo to compete in the Bendigo Grand Prix. Everyone was excited for our first race, but as their turn came closer nerves grew. We had 2 HPV’s called “Vanquish” and “Shazzam”.

    The race started off with a practice lap. All was going well in Vanquish with our first rider Kai, but Shazzam wasn’t as lucky with Josh crashing on his first racing lap, lucky he wasn’t injured. Throughout the day there was a few crashes but most from Shazzam. Crash order for Shazzam was Josh, Me, & Madi. Vanquish’s order was Bridget then Emily. Of course most crashes happened to be on ‘Crash Corner’and no one was seriously injured.

    Both teams did an AMAZING job! The fastest lap went to Pat with a CRAZY time of 1.57 seconds! Everyone else should also be really proud of their efforts.

    I would like to thank Mr. Zach, Mr. Jenkins, Ms. McLeod, Mr Small and Ms. Dodd for giving us all this amazing opportunity. They worked all day and night, and also for running after school and weekend training. I would also like to thank Ms. Little for doing fitness training during school.

  12. On Saturday the 19th of august lots of schools ventured down to Deborah Triangle in Bendigo to compete in the HPV race. Jells parks teams Vanquish and Shazzam got there first riders into the vechiles (shazzams driver was josh and vanquishes driver was kai) and were let onto the 1.1km track. They were of to a rolling start heading down the straight to the first corner, there were no crashes yet. Heading towards the big hill the racers started to pick up their speed. It was steep and took some hard work but our drivers pushed through the pain and made it over. going down the hill was much easier but they had to be cautious and steady because there was a big corner at the end of it.

    The second lap was were it got exciting and a bit nerve racking, on the first corner josh in Shazzam was going a bit to fast and was knocked into the barrier flipping onto his side crashing , the marshals quickly ran over and turned him back onto the road and being a bit scared but brave josh continued on his laps. Kai was fine and didn’t crash. There were many more crashes in shazzam, vanquish was all good though. When mady got into the HPV she was heading down to the straight a bit to fast and got T-boned by two other vechiles sending her into the barriers taking a big chunk of shazzams wind screen out. Bridget and Emily were the only ones to crash in vanquish but they kept going.

    When i was riding it was a yellow flag and we had to go very slowly which made it very hard to push up that hill especially with my muscle strain in my leg. On the second lap it was a red light and everyone had to go into pits, because another rider crashed and got a concussion. When it came to the night riding we had some pretty amazing riders push their boundaries and rider through the night no matter how tired they were, the night riding was a bit calmer than the day, there wasnt as many crashes. Over all we won for laps and shazzam went home with the first place trophy.

  13. Bailey
    On Saturday 19th August, Bendigo hosted the 2017 HPV Grand Prix. Starting of the stints was Josh C in Shazzam and Kai VS in Vanquish with a very fast start. At the end of the race that was full of action and excitement, Shazzam finished 16th and Vanquish finished 4th. Shazzam was very unlucky with the amount of roll overs, they did have one severe roll and they lost their front wind screen but the team still pushed on.

    Once Shazzam lost its wind screen there was no more roll overs which was a great effort by the team. Vanquish had fewer roll overs than Shazzam but still managed to obtain some body damage to the vehicle.

    In Shazzam, Josh C recorded the fastest time of 2.28mins with the most consistent being Bailey with the average pace of 2.50mins. In Vanquish, Pat had a superb lap time of 1.55mins but the surprise package of the day was Zoe.

    The length of the track was 1.1km that had an extremely tough hill at the back straight. There was a part of the track that was named “Crash Corner” this was part of the track where most of the crashes happened.

    Racing started at 1:00pm and finished at 10:00pm. Most participants had a 30 minute ride and some had 2 rides. Kids were racing against other Primary Schools, High Schools and open age groups. The hill was a killer, it was far harder than it looked.

    Without the assistance of Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins, Mr Small, Miss Dodd and Miss Mcload this program would not be possible. They all worked nonstop all day and night.

    .At the end of the race it was a very cold 3 degrees but during the day it was nice racing in the sunshine and warmer conditions.

    The track lights went on at 6:00pm ready for night racing. The night riding is completely different to the day racing. It was tougher at night because the team had not practiced night riding before. Both Shazzam and Vanquish could have made their pit changes a bit faster. I’m surethe teams will be working on this for their next race.

    There was 1 red flag which means everyone needed to go to a dead stop that held up the race for about 15 mins. In total there were 95 racers including Shazzam and Vanquish.

    We came 4th and 16th in the junior racers.

    Ben and Mitch H finished of the race, racing hard to finish strong to keep pushing. Shazzam did not look so good after the race. Then we all went home to bed after a big day out at the track No one got hurt and many faced their fears, this that is the best part and everyone had fun.

  14. Saturday the 19th of August the Bendigo grand prix was on. All teams started to set up around 8:00am students started arriving at 10:00am. The nerves started to kick in after we had done our walk around the track. Once 1:00pm arrived the race started it started with a rolling start. Kids needed to help in the pits there was never a time in the day when you got bored. The race was a 9 hour race to get us ready for the races to come later in the year.
    After the first couple of hours we had around three crashes in Shazzam and none in Vanquish but we knew there was probably more to come in the race. One of the crashes in Shazzam broke the windscreen so the rest of the day rides and the night rides were without a windscreen.

    The track was probably the hardest that we will ever face. The track was 1.1 km with two really steep hills that feels like your legs were on fire when you start to get really tried. The hardest part of the race for me was the big hill at the back.

    Saturday was a long and tiring day but fun and exciting day. The whole day could not be done without all the teachers that came and did change overs and the teacher that were supporting us when the hill got hard and the teachers that came on the day are Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins, Mr Small, Miss McLeod and Miss Dodd.

    Olivia J

  15. Em

    On the 19th of August our 2 wonderful HPV carts where brought up to Bendigo to compete in the 9h race in the heart of Bendigo on a very hard track. Travelling up to Bendigo I was just so excited to finally race against other schools. We all had to arrive at 11:00 to help set up and walk the track to see where we would be riding.

    The time had finally come, at 1:00 the race started with a rolling start. We were doing really well and it was soooooo much fun cause every second of the day I was doing something like recording lap times, encouraging the people in the HPV’s or walking the track to see if a our vehicles were involved in a bad crash. With already having shazzam have our first crash we all knew that it was gonna be tough and we had to really concentrate and be ready.

    Around 3:00 it was my turn to go into vanquish, I was very excited, maybe a little too excited. I did a couple of good laps until on my 3rd lap I had a pretty scary crash on one of those very sharp corners. Another HPV bumped the back of my HPV and spun me around and made me slide aross the other side of the track! I got even more hurt and scared beauce there was other cars coming at me 1000000kph! No not really, they where coming fast though. I was in complete shock. But I really didn’t want to get out so I kept Going for about 20min and did another 8 laps or so.
    In the mean time while watching everyone else the was about 3 other crashes, brody had a very hard crash and hit the barrier pretty full on. Bridget had a crash and Madi had A MASSIVE crash that involved 2 other vehicles and shazzam was completely broken witha cracked wind screen. Luckly Madi was ok, don’t know if shazzam is but that’s ok.

    About 6hours later of having SO MUCH FUN, it was about 9:00 and it was my second turn in the vehicle, it was pitch black. Cause it was so cold all the windows fogged up so I couldn’t really see much, but that didn’t stop me.

    Around nine thirty it was my time to step out and let Ben take over as he was the next rider. He was going to finish the race off for vanquish.
    All together Shazzam and vanquish did over 310 laps and that is awesome!
    Thank you to all the tea hers who put in so much to make Saturday lots of fun. I cant wait to smash out Casey Feilds!


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