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RACV Homework

Due Monday 22 May.


Research and list alternative modes of transport that are less harmful to our environment than driving a car.


Homework needs to be handed to Mr Zach on Monday morning.


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  1. Eisha-

    On Saturday the 20th of August 2016, the HPV students ventured out to Deborah Triangle, Bendigo. Over there, we entered 3 energised teams called Vanquish, Insane Boltz and Shazzam for a 10 hour race. We were super excited but unsure at the same time.
    As each of us entered the vehicle, our hearts are pumping and our legs like jelly, though as soon as we exited the pits, we knew it all. As we pedalled hard the upward strech, carefully around the crash corner and fast down the rewarding hill, we had heaps of fun. “Riding at night is so much fun,” exclaimed Tahli, when she jumped out of the vehicle.
    Shazzam had a few issues during the last half hour due to Angus G.

    pulling his calf and Tom B. exhausted after pedalling for 45 minutes, Charlotte G. managed to save the day. Thanks, Charlotte. We all came to realise that this was all part and parcel of what is still to come. When 10:00pm rolled around, there was a countdown signifying the end of the race where everyone was eager to find out their results from the event. In the Junior Category, Vanquish came 2nd, Insane Boltz 3rd and Shazzam 9th.

    ~Thanks to the teachers who put in the countless hours to make this event possible. ~

  2. Alicia

    The flag was waved and the 85 racers started. Everyone was fighting for a position in the top ten so they could get a good head start on the other teams. It was going to be a long 9 hours but it would also be fun and exciting for everyone.

    It was the 20th of August and 30 racers, 1 of the support crew, family and our wonderful teachers went to Bendigo to race Jells Parks first HPV race for that year. Most of the racers were pretty nervous but also excited to get in the HPV and try and win this race. Insane Bolz, Vanquish and Shazzam all got off to a great start. All the teams were in the top ten and hoped we would be able to keep our place for the whole race.

    One by one the Grade 6’s in HPV went in the vehicle and had their turn. Every time someone went out of pits they gained confidence to go faster. But one corner was a bit hard for some people. The corner had been named crash corner and it lived up to its name. There were many horrific crashes including 1 from Shazzam and 1 from Vanquish but luckily no one was badly injured.

    The night soon came and riders were going in for their second shot in the vehicle. People were going a bit faster now that they knew the track pretty well. Jells Park was still going strong at that point and if they could stay in those positions Mr Zach would be very happy.

    The last minute came. Every team was trying to get one last lap in to secure their place in the competition. Suddenly the flag was waved and all the teams slowed down. Vanquish had come 2nd and overall 27th, Insane Bolz came 3rd and 33rd and Shazzam came 9th and 50th overall. Everyone did really well and we can’t wait for our other races in Casey Fields and Maryborough.

  3. Craig

    On Saturday the 20th of August 2016, Jells park primary school HPV students went to Bendigo. Our great teachers entered all 3 teams,Vanquish, Insane Boltz and Shazzam for a 10 hour race. We were all super excited but nervous at the same time. When entered the vehicle, our hearts were pumping and our legs were felling like spaghetti, as we entered the pits we were all happy of what we have achieved. As we pedalled hard up the the hills, riding carefully around the crash corner and fast down the big hill. And at night Shazzam had a few problems during the last half hour due to Angus G hurting his calf Tom B went in exhausted after pedalling for 30 minutes then another ten Tom was done but Charlotte G helped Shazzam maintain in the top 10. When 10:00pm came around, everyone was excited that there first race was done, when we had a look end of the race where everyone was. In the junior event, Vanquish finished 2nd, Insane Boltz finished 3rd and Shazzam finished 9th witch was good for our first race.

  4. On the 20th of August, JPPS, HPV students arrived at the Deborah Triangle, Bendigo. They entered three powerful, strong HPV teams into the 9 hour race. Vanquish, Insane Bolts and Shazzam were the HPV’s names. All the students started setting up the pit area and were getting organised for the race. Excitement ran through the pit area.

    It was nearly 1 o’clock in the afternoon as JPPS’ first three racers were lining up waiting for the race to start. James was in Vanquish; Harry in Insane Bolts and Angus G in Shazzam. The excitement and nerves were building was everyone was waiting for the race. The race begun with a practise lap for all the 185 teams on the track. All was going well until Shazzam started spinning in the middle of the track. That wasn’t the expected start.

    The track was approximately 1.1 km which included a steep hill and a sharp corner that was effectively called crash corner, due to the number of incidents that happened in this area.
    As a rider you needed to be fully aware of all vehicles around you.

    The day went on as everyone had their turn in the vehicles with most riders competing for half an hour at a time. With plenty of spills and near misses, the minutes turned into hours and before we knew it the sun started going down as the moon was coming into play.

    The race was almost over but Shazzam had some troubles. Angus G came out of the vehicle pulling his calf then Tom B had been riding in the vehicle for a whopping 45 minutes. He was very tired after that but JPPS needed one more person to ride in Shazzam to finish off the race. Luckily Charlotte G stepped in and finished off the race. Thanks Charlotte.

    At 10pm after racing for 9 hours the siren was sound to signal the end of the race. In the Junior Section, Vanquish came 2nd, Insane Bolts came 3rd and Shazzam came 9th. JPPS was so thrilled to have all their vehicles in the top ten. Everyone did really well for the Bendigo event and now we can’t wait for Casey Fields and Maryborough.

    All the JPPS HPV students would like to thank all the commitment their teachers put into Bendigo.
    Thanks to Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins, Mr Small, Mrs Dodd, Miss Newton and Miss McLeod.

  5. On the 20th of August 2016 Jells Park ps went to Bendigo ready to have their first Human Powered Vehicle (hpv) race with their 3 teams Shazzam Insane Bolts and Vanquish. The race began at 1.00pm with Angus.G (Shazzam) spinning on the safety lap, luckily we recovered and continued the race.

    Many students made a massive mistake of going down to crash corner to watch the crashes, soon after no one was willing to ride fast down the hill. Crashes occurred with Josh (Vanquish) who rolled which happens every time he gets in the vehicle. Armaan (Shazzam) really the only person who crashes in Shazzam rolled as well. No one managed to crash in Insane Bolts though Hannah went on 1 wheel.

    The last half hour was tense for Shazzam as Angus.G puled his calf and Tom decided to hop in after 35 minutes of riding but was exhausted. Charlotte.G managed to save the day. The results were in Vanquish finished 2nd place Insane Bolts finished 3rd and Shazzam just creeping into the top ten came 9th.

  6. On Saturday the 20th of August JPPS racing headed up to Bendigo with its three HPV vehicles Vanquish, Insane Boltz and Shazzam to race in the annual Bendigo grand prix. Everybody was very excited but also there was a sense of unsureness amongst the group. But when time rolled around to 1:00pm we were all super ready and pumped for the race.
    It wasn’t the greatest start when Shazzam got clipped from behind and spun all over the place but they would redeem themselves well. Our legs felt like jelly and our hearts were pounding out of our chest before we hopped in, but then everybody was super proud of their achievement once they came out.
    The race was almost coming to a close when things went pear shaped for Shazzam. Angus G came out with a pulled calf which meant an exhausted Tom had to race for additional time, returning to the pits with exhaustion Charlotte G jumped in. She did an amazing job to keep the vehicle in top ten contention. We started to count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! After a whopping 9 hours the race had come to an end. For the primary division Vanquish finished an amazing 2nd Insane Boltz finish an impressive 3rd and through all the chaos Shazzam finished a fantastic 9th.
    It was a great day and well done to all riders, everybody did awesome. Were all now itching for our next race at Casey Fields and finally Maryborough in November. Thank you to all the teachers and parents for the support and making the weekend a great first experience of racing.

  7. My Bendigo experience

    I woke up and suggested to my parents we start cooking breakfast and waking up before it’s too late. we had just finished breakfast, my parents woke up my relatives who were staying next door and suggested they leave with us, so they did. We were on our way, Debora street was only fifteen minutes away from where I was staying. I arrived at Deborah street and to my absolute horror I had forgotten my helmet at the holiday house, but luckily my dad got it for me before it was my turn to ride. Only thirty more minutes before I began a nine hour long race, my dad stretched me and helped me warm up, my legs would have been stiff and sore if my dad didn’t stretch me.

    I was off, I had just finished the safety lap and now was zipping by tens of vehicles, approaching the second hill I had all the confidence in the world that definitely helped me push myself up the hill. I had done only five full circuits of the 1.1 kilometre track, then a frightful crash occurred and unfortunately the officials decided to show the red flag. Straight after my first ride I bought myself a Powerade and two sausages, now my eight and a half hour break had really begun.

    In between my first and second ride myself and a few other friends did seven laps of the track to keep us occupied we also took the occasional trip down to good old crash corner, we also ate, a lot. With only one more hour left until my turn My team vanquish were second by seven laps, I knew I had to do my best to try and get to the top. My dad began to stretch me and talk to me about what to do when riding, I was now ready all I was waiting for was Michael to come into pits. I jumped in straight away not expecting what was in store, I began riding as hard and as fast I could after leaving the pits. It was my second lap and the rain was not helping, rain, fog and night sky would have to be the worst combination for any hpv rider. I continued riding as hard as I could until the legendary checkered flag was raised, but the race was not over yet, the officials and teachers all let us do three victory laps, during those three laps I really took the time to take in all that was happening around me and that’s when I realised how privileged I a to be at Bendigo.

    Unfortunately vanquish did not come first but our whole school did very well with JPPS vanquish and insane boltz both finishing in the top three, I was only able to gain three laps on the top team but I was still static about the results. At the presentations we received a fifty dollar Coles express voucher for all of our efforts, I am so happy I was there to experience the Bendigo race because it was truly unbelievable, I am also so great full of all teachers who gave up their weekend to come support us riders.

  8. Angus G

    On the 20th of August students arrived at the Deborah Triangle, Bendigo almost 1:00pm for the race to start it was a rolling start on the first lap unluckily Shazam had a spin but nothing happened and went on.

    Near the end of the first riders they was a red flag called because of the Marshall injury the the second riders went in and vanquish 1st insane boltz 6th and Shazam 8th the the race went on mid way throw the race many students went down to “crash corner” it was not a good idea seeing many crashes.

    At the end of the race 40 minutes left cry hops in and rides the hole way then Angus G hops in then hurts his calf then Tom had a 15 teen minute break then gets back in but does four laps and done enough Charlotte G hops in with about 20 minutes and finish it off James get in and ride for a strong finish for everyone at the end the standing were vanquish 2nd insane boltz 3rd and Shazam 9th.

    Thanks Teachers and Parents

    1. Angus G

      On the 20th of August students arrived at the Deborah Triangle, Bendigo almost 1:00pm for the race to start, it was a rolling start on the first lap unluckily Shazam had a spin but nothing happened and went on.

      Near the end of the first riders there was a red flag called because of the Marshall injury the the second riders went in and vanquish 1st insane boltz 6th and Shazam 8th the the race went on mid way in the race many students went down to “crash corner” it was not a good idea seeing many crashes.

      At the end of the race 40 minutes left cy hops in and rides the hole 40 minutes then Angus G hops in then hurts his calf then tom went in but does four laps and done enough Charlotte G hops in with about 20 minutes and finish it off James get in and ride for a strong finish for everyone at the end the standings were vanquish 2nd insane boltz 3rd and Shazam 9th

  9. RACV HPV Bendigo Event


    Vehicles speed past, feelings of horror and excitement ring around the track. Racers of all shapes and sizes ready to race in their carts. Fighting for top spot, 89 cars this
    is going to be a great race.

    On the 20th of August 2016, 30 JPPS students and a couple of teachers and parents travelled down to Bendigo. They were going to compete in a HPV event. We had a pit walk first so that we could get to know the track, we all knew that the hill we walked up was going to be hard.

    Afterwards, at 1:00pm the race started. Rider after rider went in the car and came out tired but excited. The 1.1 kilometre track was a great track to race on for our first real race. Insane Bolts, Shazam and Vanquish were all doing great, they were all in the top ten.

    Then the last half hour came along. Angus G in Shazam went in alongside Cy in Insane Bolts and James in Vanquish. Shazam just needed to try and stay in the top ten. After a little while Angus G pulled his calf and so a completely exhausted Tom went in to finish the race off for Shazam, but the dilemmas didn’t finish there for Shazam.

    Tom came into pits with 10 minutes left and so Charlotte G got ready in a rush to go in the car. Well, the dilemmas DID stop there and Charlotte, Cy and James finished off the race with style!

    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 we yelled and the race was over. We were very proud of our results 2nd for Vanquish, 3rd for Insane Bolts and luckily Shazam maintained their position and came 9th.

    Some people stayed for the presentation and Maiden Gully Primary School with Miss Janey won our category and Vanquish came second so we received a $50 Coles express card for our achievement. We will meet up with Maiden Gully PS in Maryborough so we have to try to beat them there.

    ~Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped out. We couldn’t of done it without you.~

  10. Bendigo race

    We are here in Bendigo and it was not so bad weather today. They were waiting for the race to start for 30 minutes which was great. Today in the jells park team we had Harry, James and Angus. They were our starters and there were plenty more kids to come.
    At the start the team went great. Insane Boltz did a great start and Vanquish was a bit faster, then the Shazam vehicle got hit and it was not so great as it spun out only to quickly recover. 6 laps in they got stopped with a red flag because a Marshall got hit but he was fine. The teachers and parents told the vehicles to go back to the pits and changed over the people. The next riders went in and got very good times. While the kids where racing we went down to a place called crash corner there where a lot of crashes but every one was safe.

    When it was getting dark the riders where finding it hard to see but they just kept riding and they all did well.At the end of the race it was successful for the riders in jells park. Insane Boltz came in third place, Vanquish came second and Shazam came ninth. It was great results for jells park and the other schools and we will see them at casey fields and Maryborough.

  11. 2016 bendigo Hpv

    Yes we have arrived at bendigo look at all the cool HPVS let’s try and find our school oh there they are lets go over there. The HPVS look good and ready to race, it’s now 1:00 so the race is starting James was first in Vanquish, everyone was so excited the first lap is a rolling start so it’s slow to show the riders the track. So off we go and everyone is pumped James is doing great he is getting 2.00 minute laps, in Shazam the starting person is Angus.G he is really good in Insane Boltz the starter is Harry he just great. So an hour in and no crashes pretty good so far but then josh gets in and first lap he does a massive crash he broke the back of Vanquish. Yes now it’s my turn I am really excited it was a really quick change over, it is really hectic in Vanquish people speeding past you with no horn it’s crazy, I am riding around crash corner and I see a big crash I almost crash in to him but lucky I am a good driver and I avoided the crash. When my turn was over I went over to crash corner to watch some of the crashes and I see a massive crash with Shazam and Mini AV was in, it was a really big crash but no major damage which was good. Now we are at the last riders James was in Vanquish Angus.G was in Shazam and Cy was in Insane boltz. There were a lot of problems for Shazam because Angus.G cramped his 2016 bendigo Hpv

  12. The flag whipped through the air for the 89 hpv competitors to begin there 9 hour long hard but enjoyable race. ” next racer ,” called mr Zach. And the nervous but super excited person pops out of all the bodies in the pits.

    Minutes and hours passed as each rider had their turn in the vehicle. Almost everyone came out of the carts with legs like jelly because of the hill that looked like it would never end. But the good thing was the very rewarding slope at the end of the hill.

    It was sooooooooooooo much fun because we were allowed to walk around anywhere to watch the people racing. Most students came back from crash corner almost in tears from the crashes that happened. Students were very brave and resilient after their crashes.

    Everyone had a lot of fun and should be very grateful for the amazing teachers and parents that give up their time for our school. The student would like to say thank you for all of the privileges that we get.

  13. -Elle

    On Saturday the 20th of August, Jells park primary school took the long drive to Bendigo where they would be riding in the HPV challenge, with there carts Insane Boltz, Vanquish and Shazam.
    For a warm up, and so they knew what they were doing, the riders walked a lap around the track with their teacher. They walked to the bottom of the steep hill and found themselves shivering with fear because they knew that what goes down, must come up. As they had expected, once they turned the corner they saw a massive hill and it was not good.
    The first riders lined up on the start line keen to go, but nervous for what was to happen. The marshals lifted the flag and dropped it down quickly. The race was on! We saw the carts fly past!
    While the kids where not racing they went down to a place that they called crash corner. There were countless crashes and people were really scared. One of the marshals was racing and he was coming around the corner when he rolled and cut the hole side of his face, he was okay in the end.
    Over all, the kids had a great time with many laughs and smiles and even a few crashes. It was a extremely great experience and effort, in the end Vanquish finished 2nd, Insane Boltz 3rd, and Shazam came 9th.

  14. On Saturday the 20th of August JPPS Racing went to Bendigo for a HPV event. The race started at 1:00pm and finished at 10:00pm. My first ride was at 4:00pm to 4:30 and my second ride was at 6:30 to 7:00pm. We all went for a walk around the track to scrutineer it before the race. We were able to a analyse the track and how to take the corners and lines so that we were most time effective. We then set up the marquee got all the cleats put in their spots. We assembled the timing table and arranged all of our bags in the trailer and we were ready to race. Only 9 hours to go.

    My heart was starting to pound as Eisha had just gotten into the cart and I was next. I put my helmet,gloves,shoes and glasses on. I warmed up then before I knew it I was in the cart, I thought I was doing alright. Time flew by. I hopped out of the cart exhausted but happy. Before I knew it I was in the cart again.

    The race had gone so fast we only had 1 hour left,we were so tired. The end result was Vanquish 2nd, Insane bolts 3rd and Shazzam 9th.
    All in all everyone loved the experience, and were happy with the outcome.

  15. Craig

    On the 20th of August 2016, Jells Park Primary School HPV teams Vanquish, Insane Bolt and Shazzam competed in a nine race in Bendigo to compete in there first race. It’s seemed like everyone was ready and excited by the sound of the pits as the teams went past, Jells park primary school did not start the best with Shazzam spinning around in a 360 on the rolling start. After there were a lot of yellow flags around but then there was a red flag, which made all the teams start again, because not that many teams knew what to do for a yellow flag, but unlucky Vanquish got it self in to second place behind miss Janey. Vanquish got a little unlucky with a crash which sent them to pits, but it was good that they kept going as hard as they could for the rest of the race. Then Shazzam had a accident with it getting flipped when Armaan was going around crash corner, which sent Shazzam to the pits which slowed Shazzam down a little but Shazzam kept going and they continued. Insane Bolt did not crash but Hannah got very lucky not crashing when she was on one wheel. Then night fell and it made the vision through glasses and the plastic cover harder to see out of, at nigh when the person that was just riding came out they mostly said that they thought that they did better then when they rode during the day. But not for Shazzam’s last ride Angus G hurting his calf while riding so luckily Tom B stepped up to ride again so he pretty much rode for 40 minutes straight, then luckily Charlotte G stepped up to ride for the last 10 minutes which helped Shazzam. When the race was coming around the 10:00 mark there was a loud countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 when the vehicles came past the finish line.

  16. The 2016 Bendigo Grand Prix on my the 20th of August had cracking start. The track was damp which led to many crashes. A red flag stopped the race 20 minutes in because a marshal was unfortunately hit. Race resumed and with flying colours. Another massive crash from Waverley gold HPV smashing the roof and the arm of the driver broke. As sun fell the lights went on. Ther was a rush to get more laps in with teams taking stuff the vehicles. In the junior class miss Janey came 1st with Vanquish in 2nd. The overall winner was trump trikes with toothless close behind. Well done all the teams for an amazing race.

  17. In the back streets of Bendigo cars zoomed by. Our school cheering for vanquish, insane bolts and Shazzam. Barriers surrounded the whole track just waiting for a crash to happen after a few minutes of the race there was a red flag the race was stopped and started again the red flag was because of a crash at the dreaded crash corner and took out a track marshal. James had vanquish with an amazing start getting us up to second. When our team did a speedy changeover we maintained our position but unfortunately could not get first. After a few hours of racing we had still not claimed first, but it was dark. In the blackness of the night it was nearly impossible to see. All 3 cars had light problems. Coming round the top corner it was nearly pitch black the only way to know when to turn was a lit up cone on the edge of the corner, but even then people were running off the road. We zoomed by pits feeling like we were going 100km an hour. We took crash corner fast but not so fast that we would crash. In the last 30 minutes of the race Shazzam had many problems Angus g got in and after a while hurt his calf so Tom hopped in practically riding for 40 minutes. Tom eventually got really tired and so Charlotte g made a speedy change over and had the last 10 minutes to keep us in top ten.
    10!9!8!7!6!5!4!3!2!1!0! We screamed and the race was over heaps of us rushed to the board to see where our final positions were. Shazzam 9th insane bolts 3rd and vanquish 2nd, we had all 3 vehicles in the top ten which was a pretty big achievement for our first race. Maiden gully ps came first and we’ll be seeing them at Maryborough and this time win!

    ~Thanks to all the parents and teachers for coming we couldn’t have done it without you~

  18. ~ Dani ~

    On the 20th of August, 31 hopeful students drove up to Bendigo, ready to compete in the first round of the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge!! The kids at J.P.P.S. were preparing to race in their first ever HPV competition. Parents and Teachers had come along to assist and run the event. Everybody was nervous, but the excitement overpowered all the nerves. It took around 1 and a half hours to set up the pit, so Mr Jenkins took all the kids on a lap around the track. Soon, the starting 3 racers needed to get ready.

    Harry (Insane Boltz), James (Vanquish) and Angus G (Shazzam), were all in their vehicles, ready to go. Everyone waited nervously for the starting siren to go off, standing at the barriers, looking out for the boys to whizz past. Eventually all the cars started, setting off a huge roar from the watching families. As they frantically drove their first lap, trying to secure a good position, the second racers started to warm up and get in their gear.

    Shortly, everything temporarily stopped as the marshals all started waving red flags. Someone has crashed. This caused a major delay in the race for about 15 minutes. The boys then came straight out, sweaty and exhilarated for their next round and the next 3 hopped in. This was going to continue for 9 long hours.

    At 5:00 it started to get dark and cold. More people were crashing by the minute because of the lack of light. Luckily, Jells hadn’t had any major crashes. But their luck ran out eventually as Josh (Vanquish) and Armaan (Shazzam) both rolled. But they were both fine in the end, much to everyone’s relief.

    At 8:00pm, with only 4 more riders in each vehicle left to go,everyone started getting really exhausted. The day was going very fast, and nearly all the kids had finished 2 turns. The daylight was all gone and you had to depend on light in the pit to see.

    Soon there was only 1 minute left, the day was coming to end and everyone was ready to sleep and go home, but the current riders were going harder than ever, pedalling to secure a place in the competition. Finally, at 10:00, the siren sounded and all the riders relaxed. Jells Park had done amazing, with Vanquish coming in 2nd out of 29, Insane Boltz 3rd and Shazzam 9th. Everybody had come in the top 10!!! Everybody was happy to finally finish, but ready to do it all again. Bendigo was an amazing experience and I’m sure all the students were proud to be a part of it and grateful for the opportunity and experience!!!

    ~ Thank you so much to all the teachers and parents who supported us and helped out at Bendigo, especially Mr Zach and Mr Jenkins!! This wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you also for the opportunity to be a part of RACV!! ~

  19. Bendigo News Report

    If you were near Deborah Triangle on the weekend you might have wondered what was going on and where all that noise was coming from. Well that’s because the Bendigo HPV & EEV event was taking place.

    If your wondering what HPV means. It stands for Human Powered Vehicle and EEV stands for Energy Efficient Vehicles. These are carts that the riders pedals and the Energy Effect one have motors in. There were over 180 teams and vehicles there with riders of all ages.

    One of the riders from the Jells Park Primary School team describes how the race felt:

    How did it feel in the vehicle?
    “As soon as I got in for my first ride my heart was pounding so fast that I felt that it was going to burst. But after one lap it had settled and I was enjoying racing around the track.”

    What was it like going around those corners?
    “I was very nervous, especially on my second lap as I went around crash corner on one wheel! That was very scary, but it was a great experience. Not just for me, but the whole team and all of the riders.”

    What was it like riding in the dark?
    “It was scary at first but I got used to it. I did get bumped a few times but I was lucky enough not to have any crashes to stop me from going on.”

    Deborah Triangle was a tough track, with two tough long hills but we all survived! It was a long day for all of us, but we made it through! Vanquish ended up finishing 2nd, Insane Bolt finished 3rd and Shazam finished 9th.

    Thanks to Mr Zach, Mr Jenkins, Mr Small, Miss McLeod, Miss Newton & Mrs Dodd for all their hard work in getting us ready to race!”

    So, if you are around Bendigo next year maybe you would like to take part in what is an exciting, well run event!

  20. Emma

    Jells park primary school Bendigo event HPV…
    20th of August 2016

    Jells park primary school has just arrived,with there carts Shazam, Insane Boltz and Vanquish.
    They got some hard competition with senior schools and adults.
    Time flys as its time for the first racers,they place the carts in a crowd of HPV,they wave the flag to go for there practice round…
    you don’t know we’re they are, everyone’s eyes were on the track.
    They turn the corner as everyone screams they zoom past us as fast as a rocket ship.
    Oh no looks like Shazam went for a spin around the corner but they kept going…everyone is nervous but excited.
    They do as many laps as possible trying to get to the top of the leader bored,time is running out as the teachers call them in.
    Coming into the pits, getting out as quick as possible as the second racers goes in, your waiting for he to come around.
    You see black blue and red zoom past as jells park screams.
    Later jells park had another flip from vanquish as he comes into the pit having to fix the vehicle,after that he just kept going.
    The day keeps going, the sun starts to set as its starting to get dark.
    You can only see the lights from The carts zooming by, everyone is really competitive bumping each other and peddling as fast as they can.
    It’s time for The last riders to hop in to finish the race,everyone is cheering them on as they went off,watching them zoom past so excited when we hear those final words 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!
    They had one last lap to finish it off and then jumped out of the cart the race is over!!!

  21. Hearts beating fast, crashes happening every hour, legs in pain from the huge hill, students ready to burst their legs as far as they can. Everyone from the 89 teams fighting for the top spot. This was always going to be a interesting and competitive race.

    On Saturday the 20th of August, 2016. 30 students, some teachers and parents enter the Bendigo HPV event hoping for not much, just the experience. First we set up our tents and got settled in, then we went for a walk the 30 students didn’t think that the hill the teachers were talking about was much of a deal, but when we walked the track, people’s legs were hurting like crazy. Some people were thinking how they were going to even ride the cart up that hill. When we finished walking around the track we helped the teaches with all of their jobs and we helped the first people to ride in the cart with all their equipment and some people even gave them a pep talk.

    12:55. The teachers proudly walk the 3 carts out to the start line {Shazzam, Vanquish and Insane Boltz }. On your marks get set go was shouted, all the carts pushing as hard as they can to try to get there team to the top. There were about 20- 30 carts before we saw Vanquish then Insane Boltz and shortly after Shazzam. After such a great start Vanquish was leading the Junior category. 9 hours to go!!!!!!

    It’s now 5:00pm and this is the update. Josh kept up his usual form and crash ed in Vanquish but Angus.G in Shazam took the points for the best crash when he rear ended and he spun the cart out 4 times, interesting fact the cart that hit the marshal and greased his face was his sons team. After 5:00pm it was Vanquish 2nd, Insane Boltz coming 3rd and Shazzam coming 12th.

    6:30pm lights on as darkness was all around the track.

    8:30pm and the race is on to the end. 1hour and 30 minutes to go. Jells park pumping their legs going as fast as they can to get in the top 10. Vanquish still in 2nd place, Insane Boltz 3rd place and Shazzam 9th place.

    9:45pm. 15 minutes to go. James is leading Vanquish and trying to move up to first place. Cy in Insane Boltz pushing as hard as he could to keep Insane Boltz place, and people going in and out Shazzam, Tom pushed hard as he had enough but he pushed as hard as he could, Angus.G didn’t stench enough and pulled his calf but at lest his sister could pick up his mistake and lead Shazam in the top 10.

    10:00 and the race is up and Vanquish is in 2nd pace with only 4 laps left to get to 1st. Insane Boltz in 3rd and Shazzam in 8th place.

    “Thank you all the teaches for coming out to Casey Fields and helping us train. Thank you all the parents for bring all the students down. And all the students for pushing as hard as they could and putting the 3 carts in the top 10. Jells Park is a proud school for all of us and we lead it to the greatest.”

    From Alissa

  22. Cooper Way 6DZ

    If you like going fast, being part of a team and being the best you can be, then HPV racing is for you!
    The 9 hour Bendigo HPV / EEV Grand Prix was held at the Deborah Triangle on Saturday 20th August, 2016. The track measured approximately 1.1km and had a few challenges for the riders. Some of the HPV riders were a little jealous of the EEV’s going up the hill.
    There were 85 vehicles on the track ranging from primary school students to adults racing in the community category.
    The Bendigo HPV event started with a bang! A few spectacular crashes, yellow flags and then a red flag meant that racing was stopped within the first half an hour.
    The nerves were there for all of our riders. For some of our team, it was their first taste of racing. For others with older siblings, they had seen the races before and knew what could happen. For all of us, it was the first time we had actually raced.
    One of our riders spun out on the first lap, which was a bit unfortunate. It was the fastest way to learn that we were safe in the vehicles. There were a few more crashes involving our bikes, but the worst one was in the new bike, Vanquish. The fastest rider in the team had flipped it and came back to the pits with a few bits missing and a couple of new holes in the corflute. But it was nothing Mr. Zach couldn’t fix with some race tape.
    Our teams did really well for our very first race. We all finished top 10 in our category. Our final results were Vanquish 2nd, Insane Boltz 3rd and Shazzam 9th, so overall we did really well.
    We are all looking forward to Casey in October.

  23. RACV homework Bendigo
    I open my eyes and see daylight I step outside the car,
    and feel like I have been struck by ice. I walk down to the
    pit area,to find no one. We wait about five minutes and then
    people started to show up. We got set up in about
    30-40min. then got straight to it just waiting for the race to
    start. Everyone worked really well as a team to set up and
    Get prepared. After the first competitors were on there way
    everyone was starting to get nervous. It was quite boring
    waiting around till my tern but also interesting at the same
    time watching all of the cars go flying past you, you saw
    some horrible crashes but also some great saves. FINALLY
    It was my tern i got ready to go in the H.P.V I was so excited
    but nervous at the same time i didn’t know if I was going to
    crash or be alright I get in clip my cleats in seatbelt done up
    water tub in my mouth. Finally I was ready to role. I make
    my way down the pits and then once I was out I was off. I
    mad it to the first hill then I turned the corner and thought I
    Was going to be torched by this horrific hill it was not to bad
    a lot of the cars were going so slow i over took many cars
    then I made it to the down hill I was going so fast I was
    going 50 kph down the massive hill it was fun but then you
    had to slow right down before you crashed at crash corner
    a lot of cars crashed but I was a lucky one I didn’t crash
    after my turn I felt so tired but it was only 4:30pm after I
    finished my turn. Vanquish was going really well as well as
    insane bolt and Shazzam. We had helmet and drink bottle
    holders they were really helpful so when it was your turn
    you could just grab your drink and your helmet and you
    were ready. We had to practise clipping are cleats in and
    out so we had a quick change over. Everyone had to pitch
    in with the recording of your teammates in the cars. First I
    was nervous to ride in the car but after I really enjoyed it.
    It came around to my second tern at 7:00- 7:30. It was pitch
    black and only one of are lights are working I got a little bit
    nervous riding at dark because of all of the crashes I’ve
    seen and only one light is working. It was a lot harder on
    My second turn because you have cooled done before your
    first ride and a lot more tired for the first go in the car. After
    I got used to riding at night I was cool and comfortable
    riding. After the event was over I went over to see the final
    results, Vanquish came 2nd insane bolt came 3rd and
    Shazzam came 9th. It was pretty quick to pack up and then
    Vanquish had to go to the presentation Vanquish got a $50
    Coles express voucher now I was on the way home the
    hole way home I was thinking how much fun i just had.

  24. Amy C

    Bendigo HPV News Report

    ‘From the moment you jump in, to the moment you jump out, your heart is racing and your energy is rising.’

    On Saturday the 13th of August, a nine hour race
    commences, with over 80 schools from around the State coming to compete in the Grand Prix Bendigo HPV event. (Human Powered Vehicles)

    Here we are at Jells Park’s pits as they prepare for the long race. I am about to interview a student Miss Amy Crosthwaite to see her point of view of the race both before, during and after.

    Hi, I’m Amy and I am a year 6 student from Jells Park Primary School, I have come along to have my first race.We have 3 HPV carts in the race today, Vanquish (our new cart ), Insane Boltz ( the cart I am in ) and Shazzam. The excitement is real and we are all really proud to be a part of this race.

    We are setting up the pits where we will mainly be staying for the 9 hours. Its 10 minutes till the race starts so here we have our first riders getting ready to race, to get ready we need to put on: Glasses, Gloves, Helmet and Cleats (which are a shoe we wear that click into the HPV’s. )

    We also need to warm up our muscles and have our drink bottle (with straw attached ) and padding ready.
    The race has begun and we are off to a good start, although Shazzam that Angus G is riding in had a bit of a spin, but was fine and straight away went off again.

    Hi I am back and I am really nervous but excited. I am about to get in the cart to have my first turn. Jumping up and down I impatiently wait for my cart to come into the pits….the second I see the HPV coming to our pits my heart is racing but I am ready to give it all I’ve got. When we change over we have to be as quick as we can…Once I am in the cart I feel pumped and ready, but as soon as I turn the first corner I get a lump in my throat, I turn to see a gigantic (not really really gigantic, but felt like one ) hill, I push hard but its alright for my first turn. Then after that I roll down a really bumpy down hill part, I zoom past the croud that gives me a smile and come down to a corner people liked to call…’Crash corner’…I brake nervously and power out of it. It is a little scary with the really fast carts when they pass you, expecially when they give you a bit of a bump and a push…after about 4 laps that hill is a killer but I push through the rest of the laps and do well…….. After racing I am nearly falling asleep as I sit down from being in the cart. It was super fun…but really tiring.

    Its about half way throught the race and we are doing well, we havent had any big crashes yet… Vanquish, one of our carts, has done really well and they are in 1st place at the moment (in our devision) along with Insane Boltz coming 3rd postion and Shazzam coming 10th

    After the long race the count down is nearly starting.
    10….9….8….7…6….5….4….3….2….1…and STOP!
    The race has finished and we did really well in our first event.
    Overall Vanquish, came 2nd, Insane Boltz, came 3rd and Shazzam, came 9th.

    Thank you Amy for your time and have a good nights sleep!

  25. Kai
    On Saturday the 19th of August, JPPS, RACV students arrived in Bendigo. Our 2 teams, Vanquish and Shazzam began our trip to the top. At 1 O’ clock in the afternoon, Josh and I geared up for out first race of the year. I was extremely nervous because I didn’t know what these contenders were like and if I would crash.

    The race began with a rolling start for all vehicles. Right after the home straight where we started there was the BIGGEST HILL I have ever been on. In my head I thought I would move backwards whilst peddling. I slowly moved on. The track had two large turns, the start and end of the home straight. The Bendigo race course was 1.1km long, designed to push you to the limit and burn your legs. And yes, my legs were on fire

    After a good 40 minutes and 17.6km later I was pulled out of the HPV and had a drink. As I came out I found out that Josh had crashed on the first lap but that wasn’t the only one. By the time I had left, 6 people had crashed and 4 of those in Shazzam, including Maddie who broke the windscreens.

    At the end of the day before I had left, I had one of the greatest days and had a great experience. I’m so lucky to have teachers like mr. Zach, mr. Jenkins, ms. McLeod and mrs. Dodd. Without them and our team we wouldn’t be able to participate in HPV, RACV. Thanks to all of the teachers and students ad good luck at Casey!!!

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